Oral Health Assessments

NeoAudience Oral Health Assessments are advanced interactive questionnaires that generate a personalized health profile for potential patients based on a small list of questions related to lifestyle, habits and demographics. The assessments help educate patients on risk factors and convince them to seek professional help to treat their symptoms.

The assessments enable dental practices to:

  • Acquire patients and drive up office visits
  • Convince patients as to why they need your services
  • Utilize personalized content to engage your audience and position your messaging & offerings to the community
  • Give a ‘gift of value’ in the form of a personalized oral health assessment
  • Provide a compelling risk analysis with a call-to-action

The assessments enable potential patients to:

  • Take a 2-minute self-assessment online
  • Get a personalized report based on their individual responses
  • Get educated about their personal oral health profile and risk
  • Take timely actions to address their oral health concerns
  • Make informed decisions about taking care of their oral health

Assessments Offered

Dental Cavities

Calculate consumers risk of developing dental cavities and provide a personalized summary report of risk factors with actionable next steps.

Gum Disease

Evaluate consumers risk of developing gum disease and provide a personalized summary report of factors they can and cannot control.


Help evaluate consumers if braces are a good fit for them with a personalized multi-page report describing the typical conditions where braces can help.

Dry Mouth

Explain to patients what is dry mouth and how it can impact their oral health with a detailed personalized report of common symptoms and causes.

Oral Cancer

Help consumers estimate their risk of oral cancer and provide a detailed explanation of their personal risk factors.
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